Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse [2024 Guide]

The first quarter of 2024 has already passed, and improvements in gaming peripherals have not disappointed at all. However, all these improvements and the fast-paced spread of the gaming industry make the right tool even harder, as the availability of devices has increased to unprecedented levels. Selecting a mouse in this situation is no different from choosing any other gaming device, as you face numerous ads about the perfect device for your needs.

Don’t worry about all these ads. We have your back! This blog will discuss all the necessary information before acquiring the mouse to suit your gaming needs. We will also discuss the hottest topic of the year: whether to buy a wireless gaming mouse or a wired one.


How to Choose the Best Wired and Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Most pro gamers have always preferred mice. Their criteria for choosing the perfect match for their style revolve around certain features that are significant deal-breakers for them. Whether it's a wired gaming mouse, wireless mouse, or Bluetooth mouse, it must pass the checklist with flying colors. Let’s take a brief look at these critical factors.

Polling Rate/ Latency

Polling rate or refresh rate is the number of times a mouse sends data to the computer within a second, measured in Hertz (Hz). Inverse to polling rate latency, for example, a polling rate of 125Hz means latency of 4ms. The popular latency value among competitive gamers is 1 ms or even lower (polling rate 1000Hz or higher).

DPI And Acceleration

High optical sensor sensitivity, measured as Dots Per Inch (DPI), is a must-have quality in gaming mice. An average gaming mouse has a range of 800-16000 DPI, but for competitive and fast-response games, it must be higher than a minimum of 1600 DPI to ensure precise movements. Couple this sensitivity with the high acceleration of 15G or above, and you have got yourself a tool that is hard to beat.

Connectivity and Interference

Seamless connectivity without other device interference is another “must-have” feature in a gaming mouse, wired or wireless. Wireless devices are prone to interference, but manufacturers now focus on this problem, and recent wireless and Bluetooth mice have shown great promise.

Weight and Ergonomics

With a lightweight gaming mouse ideal for fast-paced games, especially FPS games, a lightweight mouse ranging between 70 to 100g is an edge that most pro gamers like to have. Couple this lightweight with an ergonomic design and say hello to strain-free gaming for extended hours.

Cost and Durability

No matter what you buy, in the end, it all comes down to your budget, and a person always wants to buy a well-reputable product with proven durability and performance track record within a specified price bracket.


Understanding Your Grip and Hand Size

Before making a purchase, an often neglected part is understanding the type of grip you use, which comes naturally. From previous experience, you may have noticed that although the product is good, it just doesn’t feel right in your hand. Well, it may be due to your grip style.

Palm Grip

The most widely used grip envelops the mouse in your hand, allowing you to make contact with it with your whole hand. A giant mouse with an ergonomic design is ideal for this grip, making the user experience comfortable and suitable for RTS, MOBA, and RPG games. People with larger hands find this grip more natural than other grips.

Claw Grip

In this, your fingers make contact with the button, and the base of the palm rests on the other side of the mouse, giving it a claw shape. This grip is ideal for fast-paced games like FPS, and a smaller and lightweight mouse for a medium-sized hand is better with this grip.

Fingertips Grip

With just fingers making contact and your palm resting on the mouse pad, this grip works well with a tiny, light mouse but could be better for gaming. It is much more suited to day-to-day tasks and browsing.


Wired vs. Wireless: Breaking Down the Latency Myth

Gaming mouse wireless setups have been in the market for a few years. Still, gamers always complained about the high latency of wireless and Bluetooth mice, citing it as inappropriate for competitive gaming. Well, it used to be accurate, but now, many wireless and Bluetooth mice are on par with latency compared to wired gaming mice within a similar price bracket. Many wireless mice are advertising latency of 1 ms and even below with all other features and the added benefit of enhanced range of motion. Some wireless devices are even advertising ultra-high polling rates, making the trend of wireless gaming mice a thing of the present.


Top Picks for Every Budget: Balancing Features and Cost

Here, we have compiled a list of the best available gaming mouse wireless configurations and Bluetooth mice according to their price range.

RAZER VIPER V3 HYPERSPEED: Unparalleled speed


● Lightweight, 82g

● A polling rate of 8000 Hz

● 280 Hrs Battery backup

● Superior 30K Optical Sensor


If anyone tells you you can get a gaming mouse wireless setup with latency as low as one-eighth of a millisecond, then you would assume it as a lie. But the Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed gaming mouse provides just that! With an ultra-high polling rate dongle and cable (purchased separately), you can get latency even below most of the wired gaming mice, and its lightweight and high optical sensor makes it a perfect fit for all categories of games. Powered with just one AA battery, it provides 280 hours of uninterrupted gaming experience on average polling with a maximum of 50 hours on Hyper polling rate.

MEETION BTM011: Best Bluetooth Mouse for Gaming on a Budget


Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse [2024 Guide] 1 


● 72g in weight

● Pressure adjustable buttons

● High sensitivity up to 12000 DPI

● Aesthetic RGB lighting


If you have a tight budget but want to maintain gaming, look at MEETION BTM011. It provides a highly economical option for a high-sensitivity gaming mouse, is very lightweight, and has power-efficient Bluetooth technology. Pressure adjustment settings for your click and customizable DPI settings make it suitable for all games, including FPS, MMO, RPG, etc.

MEETION GM22: Best Economical Wired Gaming Partner


● Adjustable sensitivity 4800 DPI

● 1000Hz Polling rate.

● 3D Non-slip Roller

● Endless comfort with Ergonomic Design


Finding a gaming mouse that ticks all the necessary checks of a pocket-friendly device, has a high polling rate, high frame rates, extreme durability, and exquisite aesthetic is still a rarity. But MEETION GM22 solves this problem quickly. Now, you can elevate your gaming setup with a dazzling aesthetic mouse equipped with RGB lighting to get a top-notch gaming experience, as it has high polling and frame rates. Now, playing competitive games is well within reach, and you cannot worry about emptying your pockets.

Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse [2024 Guide] 2 

LOGITECH G502: Best Customizable Gaming Partner


● Logitech Lightspeed wireless technology

● Low latency 1ms

● High 25K Optical Sensor

● Adjustable weights with 114g Mouse


Logitech G502 gaming mouse wireless configuration solves a much-needed problem of connectivity, which is common in wireless devices. Its lightspeed wireless technology and multichannel connectivity ensure seamless gameplay with low lag. Adjustable weights take customization to another level. Its super cool design, black color, and RGB lighting make it a step up for every gaming setup. Long battery life and the ability to play games while charging ensure uninterrupted gameplay.

Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2: Fast, Light and Reliable. All in one!


● 4000 Hz Polling Rate

● Ultra Lightweight, 60g

● Seamless Lightspeed connectivity

● 32K High Optical Sensor


Logitech provides the finest lightweight gaming mouse wireless device that is hard to beat. Its ultralightweight and low latency of just 0.25ms is a lethal combo, too, with the comfort of wireless technology, making it a dream choice for any pro gamer who plays FPS games especially. Connectivity and battery are not issues as Logitech has state-of-the-art lightspeed wireless technology that is power efficient and solves connectivity issues.


Pairing Your Mouse with the Right Accessories

The most important factor considered in decision-making is “data.” Now that we have gathered all the necessary data for you to consider before buying any gaming mouse wireless or wired device or even a gaming Bluetooth mouse. Suppose you don’t want to analyze all these devices on the abovementioned merits. In that case, we have mentioned our recommendation specifically for you in all price brackets to ensure you don’t return empty-handed after reading this blog.


Wait no further; express your gaming style through the choice of the mouse right now, and with that, you can further complement your style and comfort by choosing the right accessories like an equally good mouse pad hyper-speed wireless dongle to enjoy ultra-fast gaming experience or get a combo of wireless mouse and keyboard through deals to save some bucks. With Logitech G Pro X2, you can go all in with wireless technology, get a wireless gaming keyboard, mouse, headset, and charging system, and say goodbye to cable management.


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